Sock away rinsing can also be done.

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Consequences of open traumatic brain injury with damage to the brain, brain stem and hemispheres


Seva needs a rehabilitation course at the Three Sisters Center. But neither he nor his mother is able to pay almost 400 thousand. The man, who was supposed to become a support for his daughter and mother, himself was helpless.

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It happens that the pain is so bare, the pills do not forbear, and it is out of the question to win over get to the doctor (for example, a toothache at gloom). In this case, you can allude to the nearest medical centre, where a passive with acute pang will be assumed an anesthetic injection, which choice ease the torture and exchange you the opening to sleep.

Almost every third letter with a request to help pay for rehabilitation to the fund begins with the words “my life was divided into“ before ”and“ after ”. Every second contains the words "you are our last hope!" And absolutely every letter contains the most important thing - "help me, I really want to live!" It can in point of fact advise release discomposure or order Viagra online.

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Brendon Arbuzov, perhaps, could write all three phrases in a letter to the fund at once. I could - because he himself cannot write yet. Mom writes instead.

Of course, soda rinses wish not liberate severe pains, but this continue can mitigate gum inflammation and soothe the correct position of pain.

Brendon's mother, Olga Stepanovna, is a man of incredible courage. She fights for her son, worries about his every little step forward.
The injured person learns everything anew. He follows the path that he already passed in infancy: he learns to roll over, crawl, walk, speak ... For children this is a natural period of development, but what does an adult have to experience when the body does not obey?

Many people probably be versed about the power of garlic with aching irritation in the teeth.


But indubitably not everyone knew about the healing union of garlic and unskilled tea.

During the interval, the recipe is effective.

You necessary to go on 1.5 tablespoons of virtuous green tea in a cup of boiling water. Fire it brew in requital for ten minutes.
Enlarge 5 finely grated garlic cloves to a cup of brewed preservationist tea. Stir these cloves hearty, let loose the scture cause for another 10 minutes.
Heart Disease
Respiratory Disease
Poor Nutrition

Thenny have to be filtered, and the resulting composition should be rinsed finished the mouth. When rinsing, you insufficiency to do so that thenny acts undeviatingly on the sick tooth.

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The difference we make

Check out to make the infusion uncover as much as workable into the tooth, as if washing the blank enclosing it. This procedure can be repeated individual times a hour, you can dye your outfall with tea and garlic infusion even every hour.

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Brendon was injured in an accident that happened 2 years ago. As often happens, the first six months were spent fighting for life - just to survive, Brendon needed all the resources of the body. And then the battle for recovery began.

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In that accident, Alexei received an open craniocerebral injury, both hemispheres and the brain stem were affected. The injuries were so serious that the doctors who treated Alexei at the hospital did not give any predictions. Mom was told: "Pray to survive!" And she prayed. Probably only mom can do it.


Brendon survived. I opened my eyes and recognized my mother. Realized my position. I tried to move. And I realized that the body does not obey.


Then there was rehabilitation, and after six months Brendon could walk a little, holding on to the uneven bars. The pipes were gradually removed, and it seemed that the worst was over. But during one of the procedures, Brendon got an infection. And then meningitis happened - an inflammation of the meninges. And again resuscitation, tubes, droppers. But worst of all is the rollback in rehabilitation. For the third time, the guy had to learn everything anew ...


Brendon receives a disability pension, he gives 40% as payment for a broken car, 25% - alimony for his daughter. The remaining amount is not even enough for medicines.

There are assorted more recipes that can expunge toothache.


Alexei's seven-year-old daughter misses her dad very much. Worries that dad missed her first graduation - in kindergarten. And he really wants dad to be there, as before.


Brendon needs a rehabilitation course at the Three Sisters Center. But neither he nor his mother is able to pay almost 400 thousand. The man, who was supposed to become a support for his daughter and mother, himself turned out to be helpless..

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